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Davin Wheels
Davin Wheels
Davis DS Series

DS Series
Modular wheels for the Modular Lifestyle.

True to tradition, the Davin DS line continues the legacy of
Davin innovation and quality in a proven multi-piece platform.
Strong, seductive and specifically engineered for your vehicle,
Davin DS line is the perfect compliment to all luxury automobiles.
With six flavors to choose from, your hardest decision will be
when to return home.
Construction: Forged Rim, Forged Center
Finishes: Chrome, Flat Black, Raw Brushed, Paint to Code
Rim Striping and window painting also available
Davis DS4
Diameters available 19" to 30"
Widths available 8.5" to 13"

davin spinning wheels
No Spin ... still Davin.
"Clean Sophistication" best describes the Uno mantra. Davin's entry into the non-spinning segment, Uno delivers innovation with such
details as custom detachable rim plates, floating logo emblem, hidden valve stem and deep lips. Don't just drive, make a statement.
Construction: One piece cast
Finish: Chrome

Interchangable Rim Accents
in either chrome or burlwood

22" x 8.5" , 22" x 10"
24" x 9.5" , 26" x 10"

davin spinning wheels
davin ... The Originator of Spinning.
Davin Streetspin Spinning Wheels
~ discontinued styles ~
The original has made a striking return.
22" x 8.5" , 22" x 10"
24" x 9.5" , 26" x 10"
Construction: One piece cast basewheel,
Machined Spinner
Finish: Chrome
Davin Streetspin Spinning Wheels
~ discontinued ~

davin spinning wheels
Blak ... The most dynamic spinning wheel ... ever!
Blak ... The most dynamic spinning wheel ... disco
Blak Onyx, Blak Pearl, Blak Tazo, Blak Talon, Blak Raven ... The most dynamic spinning wheels ... ever!
Davin Sagebrush Spinning Wheels
Davin Sagebrush Spinning Wheels

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